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Step into the growth you know is possible for your business.

Whole system growth is overwhelming to take on without a guide to look behind long-closed doors and facilitate hard conversations.

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Analysis of the Business

We quickly assess the health of your company. Our primary focus is people and your company culture, your cash position and opportunities to lower expenses, and your brand footprint. 01

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Evaluate all business systems and processes in operations, human resources, finance, environmental, quality, sales, marketing, and communications.


Evaluate how your organization’s people and messaging demonstrates and communicates your mission, vision, and values.


Analysis of operational expenses, assets, and liabilities isn't just the review of a P&L and balance sheet, there is a connection between money and your people.

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Restructuring Advising

Restructuring can be painful if not done thoughtfully with a clear, well-communicated plan. The plan we create with you and your team is custom to your business, industry, and workforce. It is a creative solution to growth and improvement. 02

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Redesign Process

Redesign specific systems and process to improve operational efficiency and financial performance with creative solutions.

Restructure Plan

Create a restructured plan with a clear roadmap to success accompanied by an internal and external communication strategy.

Financial Forecast

Prepare and review financial projections that reflect changes that are a result of a business performance audit and restructuring plan.

Workforce Development

We can help you develop programs or facilitate workshops for team building, shifting culture, personal development systems and programs, and safety leadership.

Communication Strategy

Communicating with key stakeholders, including; community, employees, customers, and local officials is critical to the success of creating and executing a restructuring plan.

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Change Management

The execution of a Restructuring Plan is easy if you have the right manager and facilitators in place. Communication, leadership, and consistency is the top priority. Members of the Collective are equipped to step in to develop your workforce, deliver your restructure message, and manage through the difficult times. 03


Our experienced Collective members are trainers, coaches, facilitators, communicators, and managers. We will confidently step in as turnaround managers and interim mangers to manage; change, business restructure, receivership, acquisition, divestment, merger, organizational change, or transfer of ownership. 

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With Sparrow Tale as a partner we can be the bridge to your growth. Through detailed audits and strategic planning, we will ensure that your brand will be a more complete representation of your business and people.

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