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Elevate your workforce and management teams.

People are the foundation of your company's culture; without the right tools, consistent support, and clear direction, your sustainability may be in jeopardy.

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Analysis of your People

Dig into what motivates your people and why they have chosen to work within your organization. Drive success by learning their personal strengths and how they are translating your message. 01

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Culture Audit

Evaluate how your organization’s people and messaging demonstrates and communicates your mission, vision, and values.

Transferable Skills Discovery

Discover existing workforce skills that will prepare your organization for growth, restructuring, and internal development. You may already have the strength needed to weather change within your established workforce.

Bench Strength

Your bench defines your future success. Increase retention and engage your employees by creating opportunities for individual development plans, coaching and mentoring, succession planning, and diversity and inclusion programs.

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Workforce Development

Investing in your workforce will benefit your company’s culture, brand presence, and overall efficiency and profitability. Audit current state and create plans to grow your greatest asset - your people. 02

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Workforce Development

We can help you develop programs or facilitate workshops for team building, shifting culture, personal development systems and programs, and safety leadership.

Training Programs

Streamline your training process by making your plans easier for your trainers to communicate. Custom training plans will engage your workforce on a personal level and are more likely to be retained by your workforce.

Leadership Development

Strengthen your succession plan and invest in what makes your leaders more confident, better equipped to make decisions in the best interest of your company, and a model for your next generation of leaders. A plan for growth will help ease the challenge of retention while solidifying an engaging culture.

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Training & Facilitation

We can lead your training, facilitate your message, or invest one-on-one time with your team to engage their greatest potential. 03

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Pick a plan that fits your team and your organization’s needs. Executive level coaching could be the push your organization needs for robust growth. An investment in middle managers could build the bridge that is missing for effective communication and team building. Or one-on-one coaching for your next leaders could carry your organizations strategic plan forward.


Your message is only as good as the delivery. Our specialists will shepherd the process; from facilitating meetings to creating the message and then will step in to translate and deliver it simply and consistently to all levels of your organization.

Communication Training/workshops

Communication style and strategy should mirror your business needs and your workforce. Trainings and workshops could break down barriers while communicating across generations, when discussing inclusion and diversity, to aid in shifting safety culture, or investing time in middle management leadership skills. Investing in honing communication will only strengthen your team and relationships.

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With Sparrow Tale as a partner we can be the bridge to your growth. Through detailed audits and strategic planning, we will ensure that your brand will be a more complete representation of your business and people.

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